Sunday, November 2, 2008

Let's clear some things up...

Thank you to all of those who have taken an interest in our entries and have shared their comments. We wanted to present a comment that was brought to our attention in a previous entry about abortion vs. euthanasia.

“I think some parallels can be drawn in abortion laws that can justify the use of euthanasia. Back in the 60’s abortion laws centered on the future health and well being of the mother, today I believe our medical system can determine which patients are terminal. That being said a terminal patient knowing their future health will only deteriorate has the right to a procedure that will prevent any future deterioration of their condition.”

This comment touches on one of the great contradictions of the issue. Why should there against euthanasia? Why is euthanasia overlooked?

This is also where we would like to address some of the other comments. We understand how some would see abortion and euthanasia as two unique entities and should not be joined in comparison. Please note, that we are not trying to say they are the same, we are just trying to touch on the idea of ‘choice’. We are discussing matters of each individual body as its own entity.
Before abortion was legalized it was viewed as ending a life. Perhaps it was not a life that had begun, but still, it was the chance of life. Because of society’s fight, it was made aware that it should be a choice made by the mother and family on whether or not this ‘life’ would be harmed, or cause harm to the mother.

Now we ask why that same choice is not permitted for patients who are suffering, who have life changing illnesses, who are in pain. Why can’t they make that choice to seize the harm for themselves and for their families, who are asked to sit back and watch their loved ones suffer.
We wonder how is society prioritizing our values? While we can appreciate the value of life to its fullest, why are we limited to that belief when it may no longer hold true?

So just to clarify, we are not saying that abortion and euthanasia are the same. But we have explored their similarities in terms of policies, medical procedures, values, and choice.

Thank you again to all of you who have been commenting on our blog. We will discuss more about the laws, religion, health, and changes throughout the years.

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