Monday, November 10, 2008

Re-cap on our blog...

Here’s a re-cap for those of you just tuning in…

This is a blog we have created to discuss the different legal, health, religious, and ethical issues related to euthanasia. Although euthanasia continues to be illegal in most countries, it is constantly up for debate.

We began by explaining how the legal standing came to be. We discussed the different cases that were used as examples for future judgements. Along with those cases we explored more personal impacts that those individuals had on society and the euthanasia campaign. We mention the different choices that were made and how they were received by the public, if they were socially accepted or not.

Our discussion on abortion was very interesting. We received many comments expressing concerns on the comparison of abortion and euthanasia. Although we have cleared up the fact that we were comparing them based on the idea of ‘choice’, we were pleased that you showed interest and shared your thoughts. When is comes down to it, how do you determine what should be a law? And why is there no consistency with the idea of ‘choice’?

We have offered you facts and the history of euthanasia throughout the world, and hope that helped to give you an idea of the different progressions that took place. We also examined the different religious perspectives, and how each religion may differ or resemble another’s belief when it comes to euthanasia and assisted suicide.

We have brought you political statistics, and many case studies and personal stories that will help you understand different perspectives and in some cases, different motives. Recently we discussed Bill C – 407, which is the most recent Bill in Canada. We hope that you have read those entries and become familiar with the present Canadian policies.

Also, we will be posting more on the health care side of euthanasia and delve deeper into the moral and ethical predicaments. Please continue to comment on any and all entries that have sparked an interest, and we are always open to your feedback :)

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